​The Patric McCarten Memorial Camp Scholarship

Patric McCarten was both a participant and a trip leader at Langskib. He died in April of 1983.

At two years old Patric's first word was "Tree" as he hugged the bark of a great Elm. When Patric passed on he was a full grown man of 23 who had made his "right of passage" at the age of 16 on the waters of the North. Now with his spirit scattered as ash in the deep waters of Temagami he is surrounded by the pristine nature which carried him full circle back to his early expression.

Patric's passing left his friends and family with fond memories which they would like to perpetuate through the energy of other young people. They would like to see that others have the same chance to enter their adult life with the resilience, strength and bravery which Patric displayed as a result of his experiences in Temagami and its surroundings. As a fitting memorial to Patric and the Spirit of Temagami which molded his life and affected us all, Pat's family and friends have created a scholarship for young people to attend Northwaters and Langskib Wilderness Programs.

The goal of the fund is to develop enough of an endowment to pay for one full or several partial scholarships each season with the proceeds from invested principal.

Donations to this fund may be made through the Deepwater Experiential Education Fund. Donations to this and other Deepwater Project funds are tax deductible.

From CG Stephens, Northwaters and Langskib Wilderness Programs Director

Pat McCarten arrived at Langskib in June of 1975. He and I watched the first Bay Trip leave the dock. That trip would be 46 days getting to Moosonee entirely under their own power. That year Pat took to the North woods and became a strong paddler and a solid friend to Jeff Carolyn, Dave Knudsen, Jim Grunwald and many other skibbers from the early years. He returned for the Bay trip the following season and then hired on. He assisted David Knudsen on the Bay Trip in 1978 and did some incredible paddling when the group was caught by a sudden violent storm during the crossing. Pat was a great character. He was courageous and had a great sense of humour. With Pat in your corner, no challenge seemed too big.​


I hope you will join me in supporting this project, both to honor Pat's memory and to create an enduring fund for kids to experience Temagami.