​Congratulations! Now that you have been granted a DEEP scholarship we have a couple of requests to make of you:

  • Live it up on trail and take what you learn to heart. Take it home and give it to your family,  your school and your community.

  • Once you’ve returned from your trip, your leader will ask you to evaluate the experience.  Please do this! If you want to be funded for a subsequent year, this task is mandatory.


If you fulfill all these requirements you are eligible to apply for a scholarship again. To apply in the future you repeat the application process the same way you did the first time.


Go big when you go home.

We have a list of opportunities for young leaders with big ideas. DEEP is willing to act as a fiscal sponsor for DEEP scholarship recipients who get inspired and want to take on leadership roles in a big way. That means, if you want to apply for a grant, we can help

  • provide letters of reference

  • qualify for grants that require affiliation with a non-profit organization

  • manage the money and write reports for the funder.

Call or email us to find out more. 866-458-9974,


Feeling weird since you've been home? Wondering what's changed about you since you were on trail? Most people do. Contact your trip mates or your trip leader. If you can't reach them let us know and we'll put you in touch.